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substyle of progressive techno music. typical elements are merciless repetetive pattern, harsh abrasive machine-like sound. agressive, inhuman. schranz tries to fulfill all the cliches of techno music. sometimes uses funny and/or offensive samples. became quite popular in germany in the early 21st century. also called 'geshredder' oder 'gebretter'. schranz rules!
some Djs playing or producing schranz: Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Robert Natus, ...
by G. Southpole February 21, 2004
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Schranz is untz with "schranzing" sound, a tad noisy. It's different from acid, it's got a touch of industrial sounds in it...
The DJ played some very good schranz at the rave.
by Omicron February 13, 2004
Directly translated into English, "Schranz" is "crap"
What's that schranz lying around there..

May be substituated like

What's that crap lying around there...
by mg2k July 05, 2007

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