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Desribing Something Most Wonderful And Great!
I Think I Know Preceisly What I Mean When I Say It's A Schpadoinkle Day!
by Brandon December 14, 2004
A multipurpose word, created by Trey Parker and used in "Cannibal, the Musical. It can be an expletive, a reference, an adjective, adverb, article, noun or verb. It's great for those of us suffering from the occasional senior moment.
John McCain owns a schpadoinkle number of houses.
by Schpadoinkle 1954 Fan August 24, 2008
an adjective decribing any action when another word seems inappropriate, also used as a filler word to break a boring silence
1. R:So anyways.....
by poopstain November 22, 2003

A large forehead; a fivehead. See: Christina Ricci, Nicole Kidman, Mena Suvari.
Jay Leno:Chin::Christina Ricci:Schpadoinkle
Oh man, that lady's schpadoinkle makes Dumbo look small!
by Mary Blane March 23, 2006
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