1. Unmistakable vehicle of ominous size in which you are watched and monitored for the entire ride.

2. Cramped space that smells like shit where you are forced to be as a mode of transportation to hell.

3. Fastest and easiest way to lower self esteem and be judged, where you will find the crappiest way to die because of reckless half asleep bus drivers and idiots that should wear potential fire hazard signs! A fun educational experience that is always an hour or five late or early!
In the bus the boy threw a water bottle from across the bus at your head!

The windows were closed in late june!

You sat on the aisle, and got your stuff thrown out the window, he made you trip on the way out on purpose!

The school bus passed your stop and never turned back, the next day it was half an hour late and the last day it was so early it didn't come at all!
by Aislyn Demure April 05, 2011
Top Definition
A really uncomfortable and hot vehicle.
They had to ride the school bus to school.
by David December 09, 2003
A big yellow vehicle that transports annoying little kids to school. Oddly enough, high schools use the same sizes busses resulting in ridiculously small seating for larger kids. The drivers of the busses are usually insane, and blast music really loudly.

The main use for school busses however is to throw snowballs or waterbaloons at them.
"I just threw a piss baloon at that damn school bus!"
by adonkeyisaass January 14, 2004
A 2mg Yellow xanaxbar stick with no time release. it fucks you up sonn
damn that school bus hit me like a mofucker
by chazzzzzzzzzzzerr July 14, 2009
1. Large yellow vehicle used to transport children from home to school.

2. Large 60 mph playground driven by a redneck where kids try to show off how cool they are by shouting cuss words as loud as they can and making fart noises.
Kid 1: Hey did you hear Ricky on the school bus?
Kid 2: Yeah. He shouted,"fuck shit pussy asshole motherfucker dick penis gay cum vagina faggot bitch face!!!" It was FUCKIN hilarious!
by Keegan Sweett July 12, 2008
a noisy environment full of opportunity for misunderstandings and creation of words/games like the word flipponitchi and the hand-pussy game
our school bus hit a toyota corrola but I thought it was a speed bump
by euphemism April 09, 2005
One bad thing about schools is the school bus being such an uncomfortable vehicle. Why use a special kind of bus for school. Why not just make all school buses like city buses with comfortable seats. See fire alarm .
They hate riding the school bus to school.
by David March 08, 2004
1. Someone who takes people to school. Being taken to school means that you have been owned, pwnt, ownt, pwned, beaten, defeated, SHOWN HOW ITS DONE. Nubs usually get taken to school in games such as Counter-Strike. Upon taken to school, they state that they have taken a ride on the school bus.

2. An abstract concept where an individual (usually a nub/ noob) is taken to school (meaning owned/ defeated) and would like to tell his peers about his schoolage.
A:"Man that guy took me to school!"
B:"Yea- you rode the school bus lol"

A:"Man he pwnz so much! He keeps on schooling nubs!"
B "Yeah- he's quite a school bus."
by Pure Pwnage January 07, 2006
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