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4 definitions by euphemism

a noisy environment full of opportunity for misunderstandings and creation of words/games like the word flipponitchi and the hand-pussy game
our school bus hit a toyota corrola but I thought it was a speed bump
by euphemism April 09, 2005
1. (verb)to jump into a wall and hang on by one's teeth (rediculous and not to be used litterally)
2. (verb) to swallow one's own tounge due to excessive talking at high speeds
1. PERSON A: oh man, I flipponitchi-ed on the outside oh my house yesterday
PERSON B: that's bogus dude, you've stll got all your teeth teeth

2. if Kelly doesn't slow down she'll flipponitchi, but if I give her the heimlich maneuver I'll be charged with sexual harassment.
by euphemism April 02, 2005
a delicious treat that comes in either holeless doughnut form or pie form, it consists of a slightly sweet breadlike substance topped with chocolate cream and filled with a custard
I got a boston cream pie at dunkin' donuts then got smashed a pie like boston cream pie on your mom's face
by euphemism April 09, 2005
a game where you think of terms with "hand" in them such as "hand-eye coordination" that are hilarious when "hand" and "pussy" are synonymous, created when I decided that the words "hand" and "pussy" should be interchangeable
hand eye coordination, hand warmers, hand grenade, lend me a hand, with one hand behind my back, handshake/shake hands
by euphemism April 09, 2005