an inhumane experiment where the governments tries to throw as many people as possible together in the same building and fuck with them without getting sued for it
dude, why didnt they cancel school? its snowing!

school is a canspiracy, man. whenever someone figures out whats going on, BAM! they have "problems" and need to see the "counselor"
by anonymous January 11, 2005
A place that was once a center of learning. Now it is nothing more than a place to stick your children so you don't have to put up with them. When kids come home cursing, don't be a retard and say "Hey, Timmy, where did you learn that?" "FUCK OFF, YOU CUNTFUCK" Timmy will reply.
Hey let's see a movie.
I can't I have to go to hell, I mean school.
by Not the 'model' student April 19, 2004
A place that hundreds and thousands of parents and others claim that you can't live in the real world without going to, dispite the hundreds and thousands of music artist, movie stars and other celebrities who dropped out or never went at all. In addition, this day in age, people don't care about your IQ, everybody is only focus on looks and money, (which is why people like Paris Hilton are consider celebrities).
school= boring, dull, pointless, no point in existing
by Da Master K July 07, 2006
a smelly shity place made out of bricks were kids go to be pushed around by gay principles and is a jail were you learn

school is for education...and a prision for kids to suffer
I am going to School
by baka_kuso_yarou July 12, 2005
Another name for prison.
"man I hate school, I can't wait for summer"
by Mark V. June 03, 2006
1. A place to have fun by destruction, causing pain, or correcting the dumb teachers.

2. A place of pure evil where you are embarressed, hurt, posined, and brainwashed.

3. See also: hell; concentration camp; heaven; getting fucked up; weenis; and gay

Someways to have fun at school:

1. Put a coin on top of a 9V battery, toss it into the hall when the bell rings.

2. Reprogram the computers.

3. put the SubSeven trojan in the computers and hack them.

4. become smarter than the teachers be continued
School can be fun if you have the right tools.

School is HORRIBLE!!!
by HDR February 03, 2004
a sort of day prison for children~(angus,thongs,and full frontal snogging)
miss kain's class

by jaques stinkypants October 05, 2004
The ultimate bore also can be used as a very horrible swear word during the course of a holiday or a day off.
Its only perpuse is to kill and destroy the minds of children and teenagers. It is also known as "the worst f**kin years of my life".
When I was at school my brain fryies to a crisp for the teachers to eat.
During my holiday the kids teased me about my school being on welfair.
When I was in Florida a man asked me how school was, he can't see or hear any more.
by Dustin Foster March 20, 2004

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