The ultimate bore also can be used as a very horrible swear word during the course of a holiday or a day off.
Its only perpuse is to kill and destroy the minds of children and teenagers. It is also known as "the worst f**kin years of my life".
When I was at school my brain fryies to a crisp for the teachers to eat.
During my holiday the kids teased me about my school being on welfair.
When I was in Florida a man asked me how school was, he can't see or hear any more.
by Dustin Foster March 20, 2004
A school is a hellhole that forces children and teenagers to close their minds and learn only what the government wants them to learn. A place where they deny children of hats, sunglasses or in extreme cases, chewing gum, and make them sit down for over 5 hours straight.
Since there's a bunch of different kids in a school, they generally piss each other off, and create groups that make fun of each other.
A school will tell you this: Include everyone! Don't include people who are bad! ...?
Schools have rules banning certain words... even though they're just words and don't even offend anybody.
Don't agree with the school? Go to a school councellor... good luck with that.

Kid and school councellor:
Councellor: You beat up another kid. Why?
8-year-old: Cause if I didn't he would have beat me up.
Councellor: That is not a good reason.
8-year-old: So you're saying we should all let ourselves get beat up?
Councellor: ...(hesitates)... um, I've seen this situation about 1000 times before, but I've never been able to solve it, I just do this cause of the money the government pays me.

by vampire ghost October 07, 2006
A place where teachers are ignorent and pretentd to be smart.
My teacher tried to cut my left hand off with a zip strip second hour, and almost suceeded...
by Rob March 03, 2004
The Most Highly disliked and hated place in society.

School is a place where you're rights such as using the bathroom,eating,drinking and talking are taken away,(I'm not talking about talking when the teachers talking and teaching,I'm talking about during class time and class work).

In school you learn useless stuff that you will never use in life.You waste 18 years learning stuff you thats useless and stuff you learned before.

Teachers also give test,quizes and homework,Some teachers fail to realize that kids have a life to,like a job,sports, and other activities,Some teachers just give too much homework and too many test and quizes,I'm not saying their shouldn't be any homework but not a whole lot of homework is necessary.

At lunch they give you unfilling,cold,uncooked food and gross food,Like why can't they cook and serve descent filling food?

also some school require school uniforms,because they belive that they improve academic success ,prevent trouble and stop cliques.This is false uniforms will not improve academic success,prevent trouble or prevent cliques.Also what kids wear has nothing to do with their school performance.What kids wear will never effect their learning.

Also,many people say that people who hate or dislike school are uneducated and get bad grades,this is a false statement even people who have straight A's and are in honors classes hate school.

Anybody with eyes and who's intelligent can see and understand why kids hate school!
Man I hate school,I don't see how people don't understand me. It's really simple to understand.
by pepsicola93 August 21, 2010
1.The reason most people who are teens comit suicide. See suicide

2. A place where the goverment stuffs Young brains with useless shit so they can compete with Japan on whos the smartest; So they can take credit and forget about the students happiness.
Teacher:Today in school, we will stuff youre mind with shit you will never use in you're life.
by Elia________ October 19, 2006
A place where you must deal with work, teachers, events and shithead students all at the same time. The amount of work you get depends on the teacher you have. This is the place where students are treated like 3 year olds, you can't point out your teacher's flaws, talk back, or anything like that, even if the teacher gets completely owned. They come up with some lame excuse/sentence to cover up their wrong, it's sad. And us students have to sit here and put up with the teacher's fucking shit. Half the classes in school are boring as hell. Half the stuff you learn in school won't count for fuck when you're older.

It's like being put in a hellhole for 6 in a half hours, once you get outside, you can breathe.

Overall, school just plain sucks.
At school...

Teacher: Ok kids, I give you permission to talk once you have finished your assignment.

Student: *Finishes work and starts to yak*

Teacher: HEY, YOU! I told you not to talk until you've finished your work! What are you stupid, son?

Student: But I'm finished my work sir...

Teacher: Well then stop talking!

by Alozaps September 28, 2006
Also known as Hell
Unless, of course, you go to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry
Person 1: Ugh, i hate school!
Person 2: I know right!
Teacher: Detention

Wizard: I'm so glad we go to this school!
Witch: I know right!
Professor: 10 points for Gryffindor!
by I Hate BelleKummer February 26, 2010

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