3 definitions by SchoolIsUncool

the place where we waste 11388 of our lives just to get a piece of paper and a frickin handshake.
school is so gay
by SchoolIsUncool May 16, 2009
the result of drinking mountain dew.
man i got sooo hyper last night when i drank that liter of mountain dew!
by SchoolIsUncool May 16, 2009
Okay, I saw so many wrong defintions about Michael Jackson that i felt the need to write one. First of all, HE WAS NOT A CHILD MOLESTOR. Second of all, he did not bleach his skin, he had a skin disease. Michael Jackson was a legend. He is the reason that most singers, well, sing. He is an inspiration, and he will be truly missed.
R.I.P. Michael Jackson; 1958-2009.
by SchoolIsUncool July 06, 2009

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