5 definitions by Gobo

one of the best southern rappers around. Use to be with Three 6 mafia then went solo and kicks ass!
Did you get that new T-rock CD? YAh that shit was off da hook ma nig!
by Gobo October 28, 2003
what you tell a jerk off to do
Shuddup you stupid prick!
by gobo June 02, 2003
n; delicious tropical fruit catering to the tastes of underground Doozers from the imaginary world of Fraggle Rock.
Today I found a schnozberry tree and thought, "Oh, what a wonderful day to be alive!"
by Gobo August 30, 2005
Get off my wood!
by gobo June 02, 2003
Term used in the south for a fellow gang member.
Whodi I'm hot nuf' cash to buy yo block!
by gobo June 02, 2003

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