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NOUN: Slang A stupid or easily victimized person; a dupe.
ETYMOLOGY: Yiddish shnuk, snout, schnook, from Lithuanian snukis, mug, snout.
"im just a regular Schnook" GOODFELLAS
by James Vaughan January 05, 2004
all around cute and fun. a shining example of something or someone that makes you feel good and happy.
She is such a schnooks!
My friend and I had a really schnookie night last night.
I schnooked him last night...
by Schnookie Girl March 02, 2009
The period of time in which one's penis ejaculates without ever touching the penis.
Joe: Yo', I just had a really great schnook!
Myke: Me too! We should schnook with each other again!
Jack: Uhhh....
by MJ Navara January 11, 2007
An unlikeable person with a very dry personality.
Henry: Wanna come inside and wash the dishes? It'll be fun!!!

John: Stupid schnook.
by TH3 84(0/V |V|4/V June 19, 2009
manly, beastly, vile, disgusting, naxiouating, vulgar; ultimately kelsey hansens appearance
"Wow steves girlfriend is such a schnook!"
by Assen January 21, 2007
A male that is a douche and has no wiener. Questionable sexuality. Overuses gay voice. Claims to like girls but secretly packs fudge. Could be used to describe a female, if applicable.
ew, what a schnook.
he's such a schnook.
that girl's a fucking schnook, dude.
by J.HERR February 13, 2007
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