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A romantic almost lovely sexual encounter with a person you share a deep and loving bond with.
No semen necessary.

Sex allowed though only the tender kind, no whips, chains, cuffs, swearing, wax, electricity, burning, pain (unless emotional tearing of heartstrings due to love) etc.
I was schnooking the love of my life last night

Schnooking mends all the problems in the world.
by StudyGroupAlpha May 13, 2011
when a guy cums in a girls mouth when she sucks his dick then she spits it in his mouth before he eats her out. also known as the cum triangle
We were schnooking for so long last night.
He's such a schnooks!
Fuck isoceles, im all about the schnooks.
by babiigurl10002 March 07, 2009
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