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of jewish decent, to be drunk as marie after many a shot
marie is totally schnockered
by ken January 30, 2005
26 60
totally shit faced, also trashed, inebriated, drunk, and sloshed
I be schnockered
by podlowe March 24, 2003
214 79
The state of being while drinking where one is one level above drunk but one level below throwing up. Characteristics of being schnockered: Realization of being drunk but still denying it, delusions of being able to beat up someone who outweighs you by 50 pounds, realization that you will puke later and ordering a second round of shots anyway, buying the bar, etc.
God, you were so schnockered last night!

I feel like getting schnockered.

I'd feel better if I could just throw up...(hence, they are schnockered).

by courteny171987 January 19, 2007
86 13
a really random instance of drunkeness; extremely drunk
I was completely schnockered on my birthday.
(I have only met a few people who have heard this word, and most of them are from Montana! :)
by Teddra March 15, 2005
25 26