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Originated as "sneh," a word used to say I dont care. The opposite of "Haba." Schnebly is also sometimes used as "Schnebly Hill Road," which is a street outside of Flagstaff, AZ. "Schnebly" and "Schnebly Hill Road" are often used in place of song lyrics that one does not know.
"Dude - do you care if I bang your cousin?"


"The girl cant help it, Schnebly" (sang to the tune of that Fergie song)

by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
The act of walking up to a random person at a bar or a club and giving them a noogie.
"That girl just gave me a schnebly!"

"I'm going to hurt some one if I get schneblied one more time!"

"No schneblying in this bar."
by Fossil Fuel Man August 05, 2009
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