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Synonomis with the exclamation commonly used in urban circles Holla. Haba is derived from the term, "Holla Bitches," which became Haba Litches, which eventually evolved to Habalicious, and finally became just Haba.
When seeing a fine female passing by, Russell exclaimed, "Haba"

Dude, did you see the eyebrows on that girl, Haba.

I was hitting that from behind last night, it was so Haba.
#holla #sweet #habeus #money #shizzle
by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
Hurtin'. Like Billy McGurtin. One might be described as All Billy'd Up when really drunk and closey-eyed. Also can be used to describe a bad hang-over.
Damon: blah blah schniggity

Neil: Yo - you are All Billy'd Up

Damon: Naw Im not

Neil: Dude, look at yourself, you're a closey-eyed-freak
#drunk #tired #hurtin' #schnebly #haba
by AndAnotherOne July 29, 2008
Originated as "sneh," a word used to say I dont care. The opposite of "Haba." Schnebly is also sometimes used as "Schnebly Hill Road," which is a street outside of Flagstaff, AZ. "Schnebly" and "Schnebly Hill Road" are often used in place of song lyrics that one does not know.
"Dude - do you care if I bang your cousin?"


"The girl cant help it, Schnebly" (sang to the tune of that Fergie song)

#haba #sneh #snuh #muh #woopa
by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
A game designed for young adults who used to be athletic. A wiffle ball bat, balls and three players (a Hitty, a Pitchy and a Catchy) are needed for a game. The object of the game is for the Hitty to hit the ball directly to the Catchy. The Hitty gets 10 swings per round and the catchy always gets half the points that the hitty gets. The Hitty can opt for a money ball on the 10th pitch. Other details include the double-doozy, the bonus round leaf catch, the tapa-tapa-tapa, and the aggressive play jacket. Popularized by the theme song, H to the Itty, C to the Atchy.
Im bored, you guys want to play some Hitty Catchy?
#games #wiffle ball #haba #athletic #schnebly
by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
After blowing your load in a broad's mouth, she feeds you your own goo, analagous to the way a mama bird feeds her babies. As opposed to snowballing, babybirding is all about nutrition.
Dude, Mike totally asked Nelly to babybird him the other day.
#snowballing #swallowing #blowjob #head #bird
by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
Hip, 2000s chatroom speak for, "Oh - I get it now."
ChunkyLover26: "I have some walter for you"

HtotheItty69: "Walter?"

ChunkyLover26: "Yah know, Bad News Bears, Walter Mathau, walter = bad news"

HtotheItty69: "oigin"
#walter #hitty catchy #schnebly #omg #lol
by AndAnotherOne September 11, 2008
Classic. Derived from the brand of pickles, Vlassic, which obviously rhymes with Classic
Yo - remember when you banged that girl in my mom's basement and she had her period, that was pickles
#pickle #classic #cockny #rhyming #schnebly
by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
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