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an expression of any possible feeling (can be used in any context) mostly though if you are mad or sad.
When are you going to do your homework?
SCHMUR! I dont like homework!
by Jonathan Leary October 15, 2008
best possible word to explain any feeling you are feeling. A made up word like examples "merp" or "ugh".
any emotion can be tied in with this word.
it is not inappropriate at all or has any secret meaning. it is just a word.
"Schmur, I am tired"
"I am so happy!! SCHMUR"
by schmurisappropriate October 23, 2013
To smoke marijuana.
Hey, let's go schmur!


"Schmuraber?" (Would you like to smoke a bowl)
"Schmur!" (Let's smoke!)
by beccafay November 29, 2011
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