much like a slut, a term for a woman who is sexually promiscuous in a non-acceptable way, she is considered very disgusing and any man or woman who would 'hookup' with her would be considered the lowest of manly scum, sa well as desperate
The woman working at the register is such a schmoogle shes gotten with every guy who works here.
by Myself2 June 21, 2005
Top Definition
to finagle your way into something.
I will try to schmoogle my way into that party.
by malaylay March 15, 2009
1) a word that means what ever you want it to mean designed by field hockey players in a cult so no one will understand what they are talking about.
-"Juan would you like to schmoogle with me after school?"

-"Why would you ever eat that disgusting schmoogle!"

-"Wow, my schmoogle really hurts me today..."
by schmoogler14 January 08, 2011
A term meaning a really well-known fact researched on Google.
Boy: What are you looking up?
Girl: How to breathe on Google.
Boy: God, that's such a schmoogle.
by buster bobtownn August 12, 2015
adj. To, whether deliberately or accidentally forget to take your ADD/ADHD medication and socialize with your fellow peers, annoying them with your exuberant personality and random conversation in your natural state.
Person A,"OMG a bunny!!!. But anyway, I was at this thing, with these people and then BAM!!! it hit me! OMG have you ever noticed that the sky is not that blue!?! AND THERES A SEAGULL AND... "

Person B, "GEEZ you schmoogle me everyday shut up!!!"
by WowIt'sAnnoying August 27, 2009
The act of throwing up on the feet, during sexual intercourse with the feet, prodominately done by the male, while the female vomits.
I schmoogled with your mom last night.
by Love2schmoogle March 18, 2011
A saying that the young dwarves once said as they went off to battle that means die!
by Zachary Pasquerillo May 15, 2009
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