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An alternative rendering of the word "smear", intended to give a false sense of sophistication to the term, juxtaposed against a disgusting and unsophisticated "schmere".
Someone's schmered shit all over the walls!
by Pepito the Mexican Astronaut August 07, 2009
7 5
This word can be used in 3 different ways:
1)Can replace the work "Thingy"
2)Explaning the direction of something
1) "Did you bring the...the schmere?"
2) "Yeah its over schmere..."
3) "Pffft! i don't know, schmere."
by Evan Chandler September 17, 2002
5 12
slurred togetherness of "Come here" or "c'mere"
Schmere a minute!
by pseudonym April 04, 2004
2 14