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An unidentified object on a pool deck or locker room.
HOLY SHIT! There is a lot of schmegma on this floor; look at that big pile of schmegma. WHAT IS THAT!?
by EDITHMOUNTAIN February 07, 2011
foul smelling, cheese-like substance found near the clitorus.
If it wasn't for Wild Bill's comments, April would've walked around for yet another week with schmegma between her legs...
by Brandi Lee February 21, 2007
The cheesy-like substance that forms beneath the shaft of the uncircumsized penis.
Look..the Goldstein baby produced his very first schemgma.
by Sue May 09, 2004
When after 3+ days of not showering, a buttery fluid begins to manifest between the side of your leg and ball sack skin, that closely resembles that of microwaved whale blubber.
Son of a bitch, its so hot out and I haven't showered in at least 3 days, my crotch is starting to produce schmegma again.
by Curtis E Bear September 20, 2007
A schticker Schounding way to pronounce smegma,smegma already a word found in Webster's dictionary(some editions).Smegma as Webster's defines it;(from memory); a foul smelling cheeselike sebaceous secretion,accumulating around the clitoris of female genitalia, or under the foreskin of male genitalia. Damn funny no matter how you schpell it.
I had schmegma schtuck in my teeth, I schould schtop drinkin schomeday.
by terryzz February 15, 2009
The dirty drop of ball sweat mixed with nasty fremunda cheese hanging in mid air between your balls and pants.
"Dude my schmegma had like 3 seconds of air that time"
by Frank Bertolli April 22, 2008
(SHMEG-MA) Any undefinable substance. It can be crusty, liquidy, or buncha nasty stuff. This word can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
I'll schmegma all over you if you don't shut up.
Eww, what is that schmegma in the corner?
It was a schmegmaey pizza from Chessmans; I wouldn't eat it.
by Shelly Pac May 15, 2006