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Noun--The act of peeing into one's own mouth.

Origins: This act is a standard fraternity hazing ritual within the local chapter of a national fraternity at a small southern California university. Onomatopoetic in nature, "schmacky" approximates the sound of a pledge attempting to say the name of the fraternity's founder with a mouthful of urine.
The pad thai was so hot that, with no access to other beverages, Tad was forced to pull a schmacky.
by peterkin March 19, 2009
A weak foe, usually encountered in a sizable group; underpowered underlings; common in roleplay game usage.
Schmacky example: We burst into the room, our entire 7th level party. We were disappointed as we saw only 12 orc schmackies with falchions. One schmacky scored a critical hit on our wizard, but otherwise the whole group of schmackies was the standard speed bump.
by Nefarious DM November 09, 2013
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