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to sit down in a sluggish and lazy way.
I've had such a hard day at work all I want to do is have a good schlomp.
by Westiesbesties December 31, 2007
12 3
The resulting gastrointestinal discomfort and periodic burps when one consumes too much beer on an empty stomach. Also occurs when beer is consumed before one participates in a trampoline-based or similar activity.
Unghgghhhghgg *hic* I got the schlomps.
by ghaliz July 27, 2011
1 0
1) To pass a vehicle that should be faster than yours. 2) To out-hustle or out-perform someone or something that everyone would have expected to be better than you.
The guy in the sports car was revving the engine like he was hot stuff, but I totally schlomped him with my El Camino.
by Rico Detroit June 13, 2008
5 8
Activity involving only computing (specifically coding) and sleeping throughout an often long period of time.
"What are you planning on doing for the holidays?"
"Well let's see. I plan to schlomp. A lot."
by Chris Done July 03, 2006
2 7