To overcharged a customer.
Did you schlock that szboon? He needed to be schlocked.
by Brad Lindon April 18, 2005
The sound of a wet tennis ball hitting someone in the back
Person A: Hehe. See that guy down there.
Guy Dow There's Back: Schlock!
by The WordMaster May 24, 2003
An unsophisticated guy that does something like walk out of his house barefoot while eating a sandwich to get his mail. Will spoil your view. Has a cocky attitude and thinks all women love him when the reality is women are just tolerating him.
Damn, look at that schlock eating his sandwich. What a slob!
by Sugarmomma November 07, 2006
the sound that is made during extremely wet sex(if the woman is orgasming). usually accompanied by sqweeking bed springs. not to be confused with a pussy fart.
Adam and Eve are having sex:

Eve; oh Adam(she screams)

Adam; (grunting)

(schlock, schlock, schlock, schlock...)
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
annoying old people who think the world owes them so they do increadably annoying things like smoke two packs a day in the apt. next door without opening a window because they can't remember how to open a window or are cold when it's 90 degree's outside or just plain ole don't give a shit if scummy ass tobacco smoke grosses you out and makes your nose hurt
that brain dead old fart smells like schlock when's he gonna burn down the complex soon I hope so i can get out of this lease and move far away from it's schlock
by Robinrobby August 16, 2007
One who is very hairy and ape like.

One who is prone to scare small children, women, and the elderly.
Schlock scared the woman before molesting her.
by nwblmx May 15, 2003

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