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annoying old people who think the world owes them so they do increadably annoying things like smoke two packs a day in the apt. next door without opening a window because they can't remember how to open a window or are cold when it's 90 degree's outside or just plain ole don't give a shit if scummy ass tobacco smoke grosses you out and makes your nose hurt
that brain dead old fart smells like schlock when's he gonna burn down the complex soon I hope so i can get out of this lease and move far away from it's schlock
by Robinrobby August 16, 2007
An overly enthusiastic tow truck driving redneck ignoramus covered in grease that stinks of way to much tobacco, marijuana, coffee, baby powder and High Karate colon
my boss got wired on his coffee and took apart the bosses brand new Chevy pickup to find out how it works,he is such a GOOBER.
by Robinrobby August 16, 2007
A person who subscribes to wacky religious idea's such as, people should live a full on vegetarian and celibate life and runs around the same city block for thousands of miles in order to be healthfull
Could It be some pop music stars actualy are Wingnuts and have very bizzare relgious practices for instance Carlos Santana's involvment with Sri Chimoy and that sillyness
by Robinrobby August 16, 2007

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