A large penis - Word combines schlong and cock in one easy to use word. Kill two birds with one stone.
Johnny: "Wanna see my schlock?"

(Johnny whips out schlock)

Girl: "WOW! That's a huge schlong!" or "WOW! That fuckin cock is EPIC!"

Wow, those JNS guys have have huge schlocks!
by JNSphoLYFE February 01, 2010
Top Definition
Usually used in reference to movies/music/art.

1. Crap

2. Of very poor quality, esp. as a result of being made with insufficient funds or too quickly.
Who was depraved enough to come up with this schlock?

I'm a big fan of b-rated schlock horror films.
by banned in france October 25, 2004
(shlok) schlocked, schlock*y, schlock*ish

Origin: 1910-15 Yiddish word 'shlak'

1. Something that lacks integrity or truth. A lie.
2. An object that holds little or no value.
1. Daniel: "Thanks man...I'll pay you back as soon as I can!"
David: "What a load of schlock!"
2. Daniel: "What do you think about Britney Spears' new album?"
David: "Its a worthless piece of scholck, that's what I think!"
by Mr.3d PHD March 07, 2008
junk, goods sold of inferior quality, junky souvenirs
She wanted to buy every piece of schlock in the store.
by PuraVida May 26, 2005
A mobile peice of crap, armed with 2 plasma cannons. Lovable and violent. Hangs out with Tagon's Toughs.
Tagon: Your ideas tend to result in unnecessary violence, Sergeant Schlock.
Schlock: And your point is...
Tagon: Let's broaden the definition of "necessary".
by Forderz June 02, 2008
Sleek outerwear worn on the Schlong and fashioned from a single white tube sock.
The Schlock was popularized by the alt rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers whose members proudly wore the fashion forward outerwear during a 2004 tour.
by drawfork December 20, 2008
Person who is full of BS, or generall a DB of the highest order
what a schlock, that guy is definitely a DB
by schlockenberry April 03, 2007
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