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A really cool functional programming language, derived from LISP. Makes cool data strucutures like lazy list]s easy to make.
Scheme totally kicks ass.
by Mike April 15, 2004
to devise a devious plan. To be shady or otherwise use intellectual power to deceive or carry out a plan for a personal interest. A plan with a twisted plot.
Son, why you gotta scheme like that? that means why are you acting shady

Person 1: What are you scheming?
Me: How to take over the world
Person 1: I'm down...now all we need is some pot and booze
by thundercat3307 June 05, 2005
Scheme is a high-level functional programming language. A minimalist dialect of the Lisp programming language, Scheme focuses largely on simplicity, having a very basic syntax and only including core features thought necessary to the language.
(define (factorial n)
(cond ((= n 0) 1)
(else (* n (factorial (- n 1))))))
by Luca Kaceem Butler Masters January 29, 2004
To hit on a woman in a devious fashion. Often used in reference to a younger woman, or a friend's girl.
Johnny: Did you see Bob scheme on those high schoolers at the bar last night?
Rob: Yeah, what a fucking scumbag.
by James P Higgins, SJ July 28, 2008
To plan to do something to get someones money, most often by cheating
"And the girls that been scheming, gonna get creamed when I" -- The Gravediggaz
by AC February 05, 2004
as well as a scheme being a person it is also a word for their habitat. This is mainly high rise and marked by the inhabitants distinctive graffti
yeah she lives in a scheme
by bob the wonder jobby July 19, 2003
some who portrays something there not
a person claiming there this and that when in reality there just a little kid trying to scheme their actions
by Carlton Irving January 29, 2009
1) subvert or undermine one's authority
2) devise an evil and or heartless plan of deception

1) someone or something that subverts or undermines one's authority
2) a shady/creepy person
I'm pretty sure Bobby could win the Scheme Olympics for following Betty after school everyday.

And the title for Top Scheme goes to...(drum roll)...one by the name of Michael Jackson!
by Doctor Scheme December 28, 2013