Perl for drug addicts
"I am going to learn Scheme, man."

"You a crackhead, pothead, or meth-head?"
by Ryon420 July 25, 2008
someone who negatively plans against a plan but goes along with it as if they are onboard.

Someone who has no game when being hollered at from the opposite sex so as it becomes stressful and affects his or her personal and intellectual being.
It was clear she was schemes when, despite repeated attempts at tools making unwanted advances, she was still stressed at the mere thought of the situation even though she has made the pursuant clear of the nonexistant progression of the relationship.
by F. Abignale May 31, 2010
Trying to plan something. Searching for something. Blagging to get something/ somewhere your not supposed to have/ get
I schemed the seccies to let us in

I'm going to go scheme buds

I'm scheming for pills!
by Fuzzavelli September 15, 2006
A really cool functional programming language, derived from LISP. Makes cool data strucutures like lazy list]s easy to make.
Scheme totally kicks ass.
by Mike April 15, 2004
1. an underhand plot

2.ya crew
i) person 1: ayo wat dey doin ova der!?
person 2: man dem girls be scheemin all day er day

ii) person 1: uh...wat dey doin here?
person 2: oh nah das jus ma scheme
by lil luh October 15, 2006
another word for chav or ned. Mainly a scottish term these creatures also believe, as with the above, that it is acceptable to knife, steal and wear pure white caps that seem to defy gravity!
oh, look yonder dear there be a scheme. Why what fabulous whites he is clothed in.
by bob the wonder jobby July 19, 2003
As used by Neil.See Neil.
It's a scheme we do. Yes and if you could just sort out the colour scheme.
by Random Dude January 14, 2005

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