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Noun. 1. A bunny 2. Someone sweet, adorable and very cuddly 3. A person who looves goobers
He keeps insisting he's not a schaefer, but with that nose and cute ass, what else can he be?
by Olya August 17, 2006
The biggest tool in the shed and or chest. The Schaefer is most likely to be such a tool he would most likely own a a huge tool franchise or company like craftsman, snap on etc
He is probably the CEO and Co founder of the business
You should watch out cause the schaefer is the biggest tool you will ever see
Hes almost a big enough tool to be a Schaefer.

Damn what a Schaefer.
by Tool hata November 14, 2011
Derived from chafe, also encompasses being completely fabulous, ridiculous, openly sexual, and the best person in the world.

Schaefers include...
1) Aly - most fabulous
2) Kaila - most poopy
3) Mah - most butt rubby
4) Popz- most likely to make sexual inuendos
"Wow man, you chillin with that schaefer?"
"f'realz, we be schaefin it up at her place"
by Ms. New Booty. May 09, 2006
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