people need to fucking stop stereotyping about what they think is scene emo indie hardcore etc yea you'll say we all look the fucking same but dude every group of peopple or friends has some type of style thats what makes it a group something unique if how we dress is a little more outrageous than you who fuckin cares were not fucking hurting you get a life and get over yourself youre not better tahn anybody else no matter who you fucing are im tired of all the stereotypical cliche labels people are giving each other when you were born you were given a name thats your label not scecester emo kid or even prep jock wiger nigger so on stop fucking hating on the people you dont know but wish you could somehow be like and get a fucking life
gay ass prepp- emo kids are so gay

'scenester'- shut the fuck up and stop fucking labeling people
by July 24, 2006
The latest Pestilence/Epidemic or Craze to hit young people.

The Scenesters have the most appalling style of dress.

- Footless Tights often worn under a ultra short denim skirt with a black belt to support it, often used to "disguise" the fact that she isnt really a floozy but really is.
- Latitude Cap
- Any top that reveals any part of the shoulder (usually bra strap), cleavage or mid-riff.
- Croppy hair (normally dyed black but often blonde)
- Barbie Doll/Plastic looking faces.

- Hair put up into a Mohawk, often died but sometimes is grown long thus the hair comes over the eyes.
- "anarchy" t-shirts or shirts.
- Leather Pants

The Scenesters grammar and spelling is often appalling thus has an appalling command of the english language (even worse than the scenesters cousins - the wigga). They use spelling and "oompaloompa language" as Hay Nigz, and "lyk OMG hes so SXC" i mean what the fuck is that? it aint english.

Scenesters like to think they are there own culture but they are in reality just another sub-class of the prep culture - as long as everybody else is doing it then they are in reality preps

Scenesters are scum, hang them all
by Brother Number One September 26, 2005
Most likely a 12-14 kid who thinks bands such as Bless the Fall are brutal. They tend to dye their hair unnatural colors and go to shows looking like fags. A scenester actually thinks he/she is different when really they are a dime a dozen.
Scenester: Did u just hear that breakdown?!? Ya Bless the fall is so awesome!

Normal Person:....ur fucking gay
by Pop sucks ballz September 07, 2009
An individual who partakes in 'myspace' trends, while obtaining mild obscurity fashion taste, and claiming to be unique, while hanging out with people that look exactly the same. Some modern day trends have de-evolutionized this idiocy to a new level and they are as follows:


tight pants; usually girl pants

slip-on shoes such as vans

the XS hoodie with a band that they don't even listen to but bought it at a show, cause it looked cool

posting on bulletins:
w4wing, pc4pc, s4s (whore 4 whore)(picture comment 4 picture comment) (sign 4 sign)
or some train called 'HORRIFIC PERFECTION' with pictures of people at their best angles.

Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Diamonds, Bats paraphernalia

Covering your face with as much hair as possible (To make yourself look a lot more attractive than you already are)

Having Drop Dead and/or Bring Me The Horizon on your Top Friends.

Going to shows and gossiping about other scenesters.

Usually wearing black band shirts.

Making a gang and telling everyone to post it on their myspace.

Hector Horrid - Chris Contagious is soooo popular he has 4782462 friends.

Amanda Anesthetic - AND HE'S ON AP|VIP|DS|NP|OK!!!

Hector Horrid - He's a way better scenester than me. =
by AlexanderEMPIRE December 23, 2007
"Scenester" is often reffered to as a person who tries to follow the emotionally hardcore scene without actually being emotionally hardcore.
the scenester "theme" is about looking the part of a certain group, but not focusing on the main part of it.They are often looked down upon by the "emo" community, often seen as "posers."
While some scenesters call themselves emo, other scenesters pride themselve in not taking part in some of the "emolike" activities.
such as cutting, and writing poetry.
Scenester is mostly about fashion.
Most scenester clothing is found at hot topic
But other scenesters will buy normal chlothing and modify it by sewing or pinning.
While the fashion part plays a big role, there is also a sort of attitude and habits that will grow on it's own when being around scenesters for a while.
You may start complaining about people who try and be scenester only when they go to concerts.
note:alot of senesters i have been introduced to hate it when people try and capture the scenester look,only to go to concerts.

and also alot of things associated with scenesters are often reffered to as being "so myspace"

small, colorful dinosaurs
pictures through the mirror
pictures from above
pictures in general
hot topic
and overused phrases

scenesters will often stick to screamo, or hardcore music and make fun or plug their ears when they hear rap music.

guys will usually wear girls clothing that contains things that are dorky or "cute"
although with the scenester trend on the rise, companies will make guys clothing that are girlish.
and pretty much every scenester guy has like ten+ bracelets

girls will wear ultra skinny jeans, and "cute" tops often associated with a cartoon or an animal.
and what is a scenester girl without a shoulder bag??
(no purse)

whhile emotionally hadcore isn't the only thing you can aspire to to be scenester, it is the most used trend among scenesters.
"scenesters are such posers"
"Let's be scenester and dress like girls!"
"that livestrong bracelet is so scenester"
by jandro13 August 04, 2007
okay, I usually want to make my definitions pretty unbiased (if that's even a word). In the case of the word scene, though, I do not feel like I am being biased when I define it the way I do because I feel like being scene is, overall, a pretty negative thing. Anyway...

Scenester: A person who is scene, obviously. The basic goal of a scenester is to be non-conformist, and in order to do that, they conform to the scene style. In other words, they are a complete and utter poser. Typical scene style and behavior consists of:
-short, choppy, black hair (this is a must for males and females), often with a stripe or chunk of an unnatural color or bleach.
-band shirts, generally emo bands
-skinny jeans for girls, girls jeans for guys
-Converses or Vans
-bright colors paired with black
-polka dots
-dinosaurs, robots, or other kiddyish fantasy-type ideas
-girly ribbons for girls
-Myspace account, with tons of pouty pictures at weird angles
-typing (and often talking) with weird phrases, like HARDXCORE, KTHNXBAI, and others

The number one trick to being scene, though, is to deny that you are scene, because even though you know you are, you're supposed to think labels are for soup cans.
Scenester: Hey, look at my new polka-dot dinosaur t-shirt and hair that I cut myself last night while blindfolded! I am so hardxcore.
Normal Person: You're such a scene poser, go a away.
Scenester: I am SO not! Besides, labels are for soup cans. kthnxbai.
by Katinthehat April 25, 2007
The name people give to other people who joined a certain fashion later than themselves.
Get over yourselves you cunts, no one cares about how you dress or what music you like. You're as much a scenester as anyone.
by Danyes August 10, 2006
*used to have short choppy hair
*now have long curled hair with bangs that are super
short, straight accross their forehead
*tapered pants
*hard core
*layered tops
*rite aide shoes
*made 'leggings' the "in" style
*made 'oversixed' sun glasses the "in" style
*all rave about myspace
*don't like being called "scene"
{me} oh my gosh! catherine tan you scenester!
{her} dang it! i hate scenesters!
{me} you don't even know who they are!
{her} . . .
by RosenFieldBergerStein July 08, 2006
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