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Bisexual just because of wanting to fit in to the scene. Often the case with myspace whores who will change their convictions just to try and gain a few fickle fake friends. Though these people are necessary for support when you're highly depressed and emo, actually being friends with them can just piss you off, as they show affection to use you.

(yes, i'm going out with one of these)
<girlfriend's friend> says:
dude <girlfriend> is scenebi anyway
<me> says:
i know :@
by daren't say September 01, 2007

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a person who pretends to like both genders to the attention of the opposite sex
she is such a scene bi, we made out at that party in front of all the guys then at school when i asked her out she said i don't like girls.
by ushray January 01, 2009