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A very low status which means that you are a faggot and you honestly cannot fall any lower unless you rape a kitten and say it was the most fun you ever had, in which case you become acquire Furry status. In order to get this status, you must fail miserably. Dane Cook Status is a terrible thing and you should laugh at how much whoever has it sucks.


Successfully become an hero and you will raise your status from a guy made of fail and aids to a guy mad of win and greatness as well an icon for all an heroes to come.

People who have achieved Dane Cook Status:
Dane Cook
This guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/gaygod?blend=1
Hillary Clinton

Guy made of win: I cured Cancer!

Guy made of greatness: I proved that the educational system is flawed!

Guy with Dane Cook Status: I disguised a bomb as a copy of one of Dane Cooks CDs, mailed it to my own house and blew everything up!!! I am made of WIN!!!!!!
#dane cook #fail #aids and fail #trying too hard #win as an antonym
by fgsfdsMASTER February 02, 2009
Most of the people who post "definitions" on UD. Will piss themselves and get Butthurt when ever somebody disagrees with them.

If you need a better picture of what a fantard is, look up any band or popular video game and watch how fans, scratch that, FAGS will go batshit crazy talking about how much their video game or band is better than the sex they will never have.

The reason only fantard's definitions get top marks are because fellow basement dwellers lives revolve around the band/video game and must make sure that only the crazy ass fantards definition that talks about how he masturbates to his idols gets on top.
fantard: z0r000000mG, h4lo r teh best0rz vidya gaem EVAR, i mastrobat 2 1t!!!11!!!1

fellow fantard: h4y dis guy al5o j3rk5 it 2 h4lo, MUST GIVE TOP MARKS AND USE CAPS LOCK
#fan #halo #basement dweller #opinion #crazy
by fgsfdsMASTER January 29, 2009
To assume ones characteristics based on the observed characteristics of other members of that particular group.

And to all you people saying that stereotypes are bad, ignorant people, guess what, your stereotyping stereotypers. That means you're worse than they are for not only stereotyping, but for also being a hypocrite. This is the kind of dumb shit you expect from someone who's mother didn't take enough cyanide.
Mindy: Oh, people who stereotype are bad, ignorant people

John: You're stereotyping stereotypers, dipshit.
#dumb #ass #stereotype #idiot #cyanide
by fgsfdsMASTER December 23, 2008
The supar anarkey klub (or SAK) is a klub on UD that haets th govrnmnt and thinks the government "r slefish".

Some people who make up the klub:

2. 13 year-old-boys
3. 16 year-old-girls
4. Emos who need to post more pictures of themselves because MySpace wasn't enough for their Camwhore lifestyle.
5. People who don't know how the government works.

If you say anything good about the government, then the supar anarkey klub, which makes up about 90% of UD Editors, will get butthurt and immediately reject your definition.


Despite the fact that these guy r totalee anarkey, bro, they actually run a facist government, which is UD. You must only say bad things about the governmwnt. You must disagree with everything the government does. You must only think bad thoughts about the government.

The reverse is also true. You must only say good things about the SAK (The most likely reason this definition WONT get published.) You must agree with everything the SAK does. You must only think good thoughts about the SAK.

Not following all of these guidelines guarantees your definition won't be published.


You can't.

Leave UD. Start a better site where 90% of definitions aren't about sex and how much a fantard loves a band. Make a site where the SAK and fantards don't rule.

Please, for smart, intelligent people's sake, end this.
#supar #anarkey #club #government #sarcasm #caps lock
by fgsfdsMASTER January 28, 2009
Someone who pretends they're bisexual to create a scene or uses the fact that they're bisexual to create a scene.

Some qualities of a bi-scene kid:
-Thinks the only reason others dislike them is because they are bi.
-Constantly talks about how they are bi or brings up their same-sex partner when joking about sex. However, they won't do this when they are dating someone of the opposite sex.
-Will say things to remind you that they are bi.
Bi-scene girl: John only hates me because I'm going out with Jenny.

Martin: Don't worry, he probably wants it deep in him, lol.

Bi-scene girl: I want Jenny to do me deep... (Author fgsfdsMASTER sez: how the fuck does that work, lol?)

Martin: Umm, okay... hey, do you think Samantha will go out with me?

Bi-scene girl: I don't know, but I don't think she's as hawt as Jenny though. She's a sexy beast.

Martin: Ugh... why are there so many bi-scene girls?

Bi-scene girl: You know what, your just a hater like John! Your jealous of me and my hot babe!
#bi #scene #scene kid #ugh #hater
by fgsfdsMASTER March 16, 2009
President of the United Stated from 2000-2008

Gets a lot of crap from people who have a lack of basic understanding of government. Apparently, no one has a fucking clue about checks and balances, which if you're not aware of, means the president can't do whatever he wants. There had to be a bunch of other supposed "fuck-ups" from congress (Democrats included) right behind him.
Assuming person who fails to understand checks and balances: Oh my god, George Bush screwed up the economy! Anarchy, man!

Non-dipshit: If you had any clue about government, you'd know that it was Congress, not George Bush, who screwed up the economy. Anarchy is a flawed system anyways.
#president #w. #united states #goerge #white house
by fgsfdsMASTER December 25, 2008
1. Shitty president ends his term. Everybody is pretty PO'd from his actions in office.

2. The candidates are picked. The one who can spout enough bullshit is picked to be the next president.

3. President makes a bunch of promises about change and hope. Approval ratings jump.

4. President does something kind of good. Approval ratings climb. Everybody's life if still a piece of shit, but look, we got this guy as our president!

5. President doesn't do much of anything. Ratings slightly drop, but holy shit, check out who's our president!

(Optional Step) Win a Nobel Peace Prize for no reason. Approval ratings are back up.

6. Passes controversial act/law/ect. that really hurt his ratings. People are also seeing through his promises. Ratings drop.

7. Continues to do little other than talk and do small things. Ratings go down a tad bit further.

8. REELECTED!! Ratings go up yet again. Repeat a few steps and...

9. Shitty president ends his term. Everybody is pretty PO'd from his actions in office.
Evolution of Presidential Approval Ratings
#i #dont #know #five #synonyms
by fgsfdsMASTER December 31, 2009
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