Basically, the life and fire of whatever scene she's into. The small, close-knit world of emo, screamo, hardxcore, punk, or whatever scene she is into follow her like a deity. She is god, she is the Virgin Mary.

There are a few ways to spot a scene queen, even if you arn't in her crew.

~Everyone's "I'm so scene" story involves her in some way. (i.e. "O-m-g, we were all slam dancing at this show last weekend and (insert SQ's name here) was like...")

~ She has an Armanda of people around her at all times (a lot of the time, she actually hates a lot of these people)

~She has a photography group, band, zine, newspaper, clothing line, or some other creative outlet. Moreover, unlike everyone else's in that scene, her's is actually good/popular.

~She is actually comfortable with herself. Most of the wannabee SQ's will be total bitches just to try to get closer to her or fool people into thinking they are important, but she reigns all. She is comfortable with herself and gives an air of it.
Jackson: Think we can book that place?
Caitlin: I dont know, if the SQ okays it.
Jackson: The who?
Caitlin: The scene queen. God, be more scene Jack.

by xcaitieXchaosx November 05, 2006
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A scene queen is typically a girl (or beckz or ryro aka same thing) who has accomplished one/all/most of the following:

- dated a guy in a band
- is in a band
- has their own clothing line
- does hair
- models
- does photography

etc. etc.

They are usually found crawling all over the internets on popular websites such as MySpace & LiveJournal.

Oh, and 99.9% of them have sidekicks.
1. Have you seen that girl? She thinks she's a scene queen.
by zomgihateyou August 13, 2006
Scene Queens rule Myspace. They're most known for having an insane amount of friends, either a plethera of information about their stunning self or little to know information at all, and an appearance that you will never forget. Scene Queens, recently, have taken up the big hair contest. The more extensions you have the more friend requests you will get it seems. From a variety of one color to endless colors in their hair. Known for many different piercings such as snakebites, smileys, septum, monroes, clavicles, medusas, and labrettes. The older ones have tattoos that even look scene. All of their pictures look absolutely flawless. They have a unique way of taking pictures and saying, 'I'm Gorgeous and You are Not.'. Necklaces with their names on them seem to be quite popular. Scene Queens are known for having the best clothes, best hair, and the best way of saying you want to be me. They present role modeling for many, many other girls in the scene.

These are Scene Queen examples along with many, many others.
by eroticca October 15, 2006
A scene queen is a girl who is really popular or "famous" on the internet. You can easily find their profiles on webistes such as Myspace, LiveJournal,or Buzznet. Scene queens are "famous" because:

1) They dated a guy in a popular emo or hardcore band
2) They have alot of friends on Myspace, Buzznet etc.
3) They are friends with another scene queen

Sceen Queens wear alot of large jewlery. They take millions of pictures of themseleves and their friends. They go to shows often. Most have unique and often hideous hair. Once they become popular most Scene Queens get their own Clothing Line, Jewlery Line, Photography Company or Band.
Some examples of Scene Queens include:

Audrey Kitching
Zui Suicide
Miss Hanna Beth
Kelly VonHart
Kiki Kannibal
Jac Vanek
by Crayons and Corn May 29, 2007
scene girls that are super obsessed with themselves who do nothing but model and take pictures of themselves and fuck guys in bands. and sometimes sell clothing. but by thinking they're elite, they become elite and everyone obsesses over them and they get "in" with bands. most of them are on every form of hard drug you can imagine. and most of their friends only exist through myspace, and they're all freakishly skinny.
omg, Hanna Beth and Jac Vanek are such scene queens. zomg.
by mollymoo February 22, 2008
A gay man who lives to party. Never more than 100 yards away from a gay bar
Neal: "Look at that queer over there!"
Bob: "I know, "Bonner" is such a scene queen."
by Pretty Boy January 21, 2010
Teenagers that are famous off the interent!!! here are some examples of scene queens: Jeffree star, kiki kannibal, zui suicide, audrey kitching, samantha riddle, hilary haywire, and many more!
they are such scene queens!
by xxxstarxxxloverxxx August 27, 2007
The girl you NEVER want to be.
The girl you NEVER want to know.

The trashy-est, skinniest, scenest girl in a certain area. The girl with the most scene points, the most myspace friends, the most picture comments, etc. She's gone out with AND slept with every scene guy within a 200 mile radius of her house. she's a slut with no sense of self worth, yet everyone wants to be her. she's the "it" girl of all the scene kids and is constantly being asked out by scene girls and guys. she's totally popular and is always surrounded by her scene friends but none of them are nearly as scene as she is. in some cases the scene queen gets offended by being called a scene queen and will rarely admit to how hard she tries to be scene. she probably has an eating disorder, lots of them do because their popularity is based on their looks and no one would like them if they wore size 0 jeans instead of double 0's, right? anyway, the scene queen usually ends up turning into a sleazy, grimey, filthy whore with every STD ever discovered.
The Scene Queen:
-has the most extentions in her hair
-has the most layers and colours in her hair
-has the most myspace accounts/livejournals/facebooks/aim sn's
-immediately gets 4000 comments everytime she puts up a picture on myspace
-is constantly changing her look
-wouldn't dare leave the house without ten pounds of makeup
-slept with your boyfriend
-is completely superficial
-is a whore
-needs to shut up, put some clothes on, and get a reality check.
by static anonymity June 22, 2007

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