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Scenequeens are people often looked up to by the millions of scene kids around the world.

Their popularity can often be attributed to myspace. Many scenequeens have hundreds of thousands of friends, and get several hundred comments on each new picture they post.

Some signs or symptoms of a scenequeen, or a scenequeen wannabe, include a list of "fakes" who have stolen their look, millions of pictures (often done in very minimal clothing), designer logos, thousands of friends, obscure electronica profile songs, and pictures of cartoon characters.
1: "Yeah, she totally stole her look from a scenequeen."

Some scenequeens include Jeffree Star, Jac Vanek, HannaBeth, Koti Rose, Kiki Kannibal, etc.
by Tinkerbell is dead April 02, 2008
wears enough eye makeup to rob a bank, clothes look more destroyed than her personality, hair looks greasier than a McDonald's fryer, and has more holes in her skin than a piece of Swiss cheese. Yet somehow, always gets laid, which explains the common pregnancies.
That scene queen looks like she was just pulled out of a dumpster.
by ExanimateErika October 14, 2011
A scene queen is a person, typically a girl, who could be considered an emo, but with a lot more color and confidence.

The hair is usually dyed in bright, multiple colors. Accessories are a key for scene queens: necklaces with emblems such as brass knuckls, hello kitty, diamonds, stars, bats, etc. Hair accessories are also major for scene queens: large bows, flashy headbands, bandanas, etc.

Scene queens wear a lot of makeup, in bright unusual colors and patterns. It is definitely a huge way for them to express their creativity, along with their clothes. Clothing is always unusual, and tends not to match. The clothing is what makes a scene queen. The key is to start a new trend.

Scene queens tend to live in their own world. They sometimes have pet names for themselves. They bake lots of sweets like cookies, chocolate, and of course, cupcakes. They do not wish to conform, for unique style of living is the key. They take lots of pictures so you can see their daily way of living, dressing, etc.

There are few famous notable scene queens, and many young teen scene queens who look to become e-famous, aka famous via the internet
Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed, Jefree Star, and Zui Suicide are rather big in the scene queen world.

Aida Kamikaze, Marisa Vanella, and Zia Blythe are not quite as big as the others, but they are slowly pulling themselves up in the scene queen world.
by madrabbitspanic December 29, 2009
A Scene Queen is basically a rock and roll socialite.
Doesn't have to come from a wealthy background such as, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
Scene Queens, however are less annoying.
Usually is a hair stylist or model. All of them have sidekicks to communitcate with their scene posse.
They all have major internet popularity, on myspace, buzznet, youtube, stickam, etc etc..
Kid Sally: Audrey Kitching has the best scene queen hair

Kid Billy: Poosha, her hair is totaly a Jefree Star rip-off, and her myspace layout color... is so ugly.

Kid Mandy: Stfu man, Kiki Kanibal is the best.
by hatfoe December 12, 2007
A girl who loves big hair, hello kitty and skittles. Loves taking photos of herself, and knows shes beautiful by accepting her flaws. Is down to earth and is always trying to be different. Updating her hair monthly, even weekly to compete with other scene queens. Hair is their crowning glory. Completely addicted to Myspace, Formspring and/or Tumblr. Likes to be the centre of attention.
"omg look at her hair, what a scene queen"
"i know right, and shes wearing a superman shirt aswell"

by adeleangell May 27, 2010
A Scene Queen is a female who is on top of her game. No matter what it is. She is guaranteed to be at all the hot spots in the city, she kills the scene when she comes through & everyone knows her name. She also has much love for her city, & represents it well. She always aims high and follows her dreams. Also she follows no one, she makes her own decisions, has her own unique style and sets her own trends!
A great example is Courtney W. the Scene Queen of Oklahoma City, OK! Go check her out! www.myspace.com/courtney.wallace92
or go follow her! www.twitter.com/courtney_iparty
by gamesrnt4meboo April 18, 2010
keana vergano, scene queen of stockton, california. rules over myspace, has videos posted on youtube and has a wicked cool style.
teased hair, bright colours, friendship bracelets. scene queen, myspace whore, scene friends, bitch
by liuuuuygh October 18, 2009