A subgenotype of emo - branded in colours reather than the black emo is associated with. Scene kids generally have more outrageous haircuts/hair colours may have evolved from their connection with techno/dance music.

Typical scene queen -
- Makes jewelry with LoveBites and Bruises and resells it on their myspace
- Poses with few clothes on in Myspace pictures
- Takes posed photos especially for their Myspace pages
- Typical emo side fringe has now evolved into full manga cartoon style extensions.
- Generally likes following shapes: bats, diamonds, stripes, dinosaurs, ghosts, monsters, manga cartoons.
- Advertises themselves in Myspace 'trains' and so fourth in order to become popular on the internet

Scene Queen - "Stickers and Dinos and Plastic jewellery and myspace - dot - com!"
Scene Queen 2 - "Extensions and dye and cameras and poses and diamonds!"

by joeysomeday November 20, 2007
A Internet Celebrity. A girl who has everyone on the planet idolizing and wanting to be just like her. They are typically known for their outrageous hair, make-up and stylish clothes. They have authentic and hi-fashion clothing and accessories. Everybody loves a Scene Queen! Wheather you are rich or poor they never look cheap. Always looking perfect and flawless hence that where the Celebrity part comes in. Usually they have every account known to earth on the internet i.e Stickam, Myspace, Buzznet, Facebook, Twitter, ect. Some of the Well know Scene Queens include #1 Audrey Kitching, Jefree Star, Jac Vanek, Hannah Beth, Zui Suicide, Kiki Kannibal (Even though everybody hates her) Brittany Thrillkill, Brittany Kramer, Hannie Dropkick, Hilary Haywire, Raquel Reed...there are way too many to list all here. The Scene Queens are royalty. A good example would be if you've ever seen the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan. Take the "Plastics" for example, a 'Scene Queen' is like a Plastic. Pretty, perfect and popular. Popularity on the Internet mostly that is. And then there is a wide majority of those Wannabees or wgatever you wanna call them. They are easily spotted from a mile away and look like they got dressed at the Good Will of mis-matched clothing.
Girl 1: OMG!!! There she is Brittany Thrillkill the famous Scene Queen and I got her autograph!!!!!!!!!

Girl 2: Psh, I got Kiki's autograph!!

Girl 3: Kiki haha rofl she's a slutand she is more like infamous. Kinda like John Hock.

Girl 4: Brittany and Hannah are the coolest and prettiest Scene Queens!!! I love their hair and style is friggin aaaaawesome
by DiDiwest87 November 17, 2009
A scene queen is a girl who dresses in bright colors ALL the time. Who listens to pretty much any kind of musik that sounds good. She will be seen Freaking out like a spaz alot just because well she can. Shes not a wimp like those little emo kids mess with her and shell mess with you ( or at least try to)
OMG dood look at that scene queen over there headbanging in her neon leapord print!
by Montty February 12, 2009
Basically, the life and fire of whatever scene she's into. The small, close-knit world of emo, screamo, hardxcore, punk, or whatever scene she is into follow her like a deity. She is god, she is the Virgin Mary.

There are a few ways to spot a scene queen, even if you arn't in her crew.

~Everyone's "I'm so scene" story involves her in some way. (i.e. "O-m-g, we were all slam dancing at this show last weekend and (insert SQ's name here) was like...")

~ She has an Armanda of people around her at all times (a lot of the time, she actually hates a lot of these people)

~She has a photography group, band, zine, newspaper, clothing line, or some other creative outlet. Moreover, unlike everyone else's in that scene, her's is actually good/popular.

~She is actually comfortable with herself. Most of the wannabee SQ's will be total bitches just to try to get closer to her or fool people into thinking they are important, but she reigns all. She is comfortable with herself and gives an air of it.
Jackson: Think we can book that place?
Caitlin: I dont know, if the SQ okays it.
Jackson: The who?
Caitlin: The scene queen. God, be more scene Jack.

by xcaitieXchaosx November 05, 2006
A "scene queen" is basically a self titled fashionista or "myspace whore" seeking fame off a website such as myspace or buzznet. None of them actually have real friends so these websites help them feel secure.
It is a constant battle between them of who is the 'most original' and who invented big candy colored hair, horizontal hair stripes, obnoxious sized bows etc. They all have some sort of facial piercings such as monroes, snake bites, septum rings, labrets etc and even tattoos if they are of age. They all obsess over hello kitty and other childish things. Some actually look really good but they are so absorbed in their own ego they don't give a damn about anyone other than people promising them fame. You are most likely going to see these girls modeling for independent companies, trying to make a living off selling their closets, and they all seem to have aspirations to be fashion designers.

Some examples:







kiki kannibal: lyke omg i am a scene queen cuz i put raccoon stripes in my weave and some idiots actually followed it. now im going to be really pissy on Stickam and make cheap jewelery.

audrey kitching: since im so famous from having pink hair i think i should sell a bunch of shitty shirts with my cakey face on them for a living as a scene queen.

hanna beth: yeah well im an original scene queen because i shop at goodwill and wear knockoff raybans and fedoras.
by kinkypinkhair July 16, 2009
1.The reason I hate my life

2.snobby nosed little beaaatcheess that dont have anything else to do in their own time excpet taking pictures of them selfs with little clothes on i.e. a bra and undies to get attention.

they join 4512145421245451 trains on myspace
They believe that everyone wants to be like them
the more photoshop there is, the better
their hair looks like roadkill.
Arrogant, stuck up and plain btichy
flirt with every boy there is.
wear a stupid bow on your head.
& act stupid too
provide myspace proof when not necessary
they think they're emo
hello kitty loving whores
call themselfs scene queens when they dont even go anywhere
lyke omgggzzzz hello kitty is lyke sooo kawaiii im such a scene queen, even though i stay home everyday. :P
by starkid February 11, 2008
obviously half of you will define as "trashy".
This is clearly not the case.
First of all,
If you want to be "scene", you don't have to follow all the rules you read up on it. You mix your own style into this "scene" image, and work it from there. But there are some various things you may like or agree to in here;;;
----it's best not to admit you're scene.
You'll get called a poser. I don't know why, because it seems to be accepted when a prep calls themself a prep. just the way it goes, I guess.
--it prob wouldn't be good to shop at Abercrombie or Hollister. Try a nearby thrift store or Hot topic. If none of these, goodwill I guess.
-have your hair either very long or very short
-you may have a bandana in your back pocket or on your wrist;; just beacuse you have one on your wrist does NOT mean you're emo.
-You could really have any type shoe you want, the more beaten up the better. for ex. converse, preferably high tops, slip on vans, ballet flats, or your regular sneaker.
-eye liner may go for both sexes, girls mainly have bright makeup, &+ lots of jet black eye liner.
-most "scene" hair is teased, you can have a pony tail or bun if you like, preferably in a messy fashion.
-most everyone who is "scene" has tight band tees, &+ tight skinny jeans.
-you must have the air of an overconfident individual. some might categorize this as "conceited" or "stuck up".
This is not always the case.
-most go to shows, &+ "mosh" at said shows.
I'm not sure if shows are a must;;
just know that shows are one of the main reasons they're called "scene kids".
-having a myspace adds to your "scene" image, &+ most definitely will only help your image.
You most likely will be taking "Myspace poses" whick vary from the "peace" sign, and just holding the camera as if at a bird's eye view.
I'm a real scene queen, Imma go to the show tonight, &+ mosh till my body drops with the other scenesters &+ then imma go on myspace &+ accept my 44587457 friend requests &+ picture comments.
by DropdeadxShari December 16, 2007

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