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An eating disorder where the person takes in great quantities of food only to puke them up again to remain petit.
Shelby keeps her figure by sticking to the scarf-n-barf diet.
by Alienskumboy March 05, 2005
In academia, the practice of cramming information into one's cranium (scarf) just long enough to regurgitate it onto an exam (barf) in order to score a passing grade for the course.
Jude passed Physics the good old fashioned way, through sheer scarf-n-barf.
by KImCobain March 02, 2015
1. The technique implemented in the Bulemic weight loss system. Eat shit tons of food, go to the bathroom and hork it all up.

2. Doing a task or job fast and sloppy.
1. Jesus, Sally needs to stop scarf-n-barfing, it's not helping her figure.

2a. Jeff, scarfing-n-barfing your homework is not acceptable, do it over.
2b. Tom, it's Friday. Scarf-n-barf that work of yours, it's time to go to the bar.
by Asswip'e September 29, 2007
an all u can eat buffet.
dude, im starving, lets hit up a scarfnbarf.
by gspotrun August 22, 2009
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