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An eating disorder where the person takes in great quantities of food only to puke them up again to remain petit.
Shelby keeps her figure by sticking to the scarf-n-barf diet.
by Alienskumboy March 05, 2005
slang; a disreputible person not necessarily on drugs, but should be.
Steven is such a crack bastard.
by ALienskumboy March 07, 2005
A leaning heart representing love, used in place of the word love.
I love you becomes I <3 you.
by Alienskumboy March 05, 2005
wings from wild flying buffalo removed to make tasty finger foods served at sports events.
The wild flying buffalo fly the skies no more because Domino's Pizza came up with the idea to seel buffalo wild wings as an apetizer.
by Alienskumboy April 03, 2005
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