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A dangerous section of town. Portmanteau of scary area. Examples include New York's South Bronx, Chicago's South Side, L.A.'s South Central, and just about every direction of Detroit, St. Louis, and Newark.
"I wouldn't go to a scarea like the South Bronx even in the daytime, much less at night."
by Jim Jr. August 15, 2007
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A scary area (typically used to describe a part of town associated with poverty, crime, suspicious individuals, and all-around sketchy characters)
Gina: Well, it looks like I'm moving. I hate apartment hunting. Everything in decent, clean, safe parts of town is so overpriced.

Frank: I know what you mean. Seems like the only affordable apartments in this town are tiny.

Gina: Tell me about it! I saw this one apartment online that looked so nice, but I took to trip to look at it, and it's in a scarea.

Frank: aw, that sucks.

Gina: Yeah, no thanks. I choose life.
by Alexander_is_groot November 18, 2016
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