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to obtain possession of rapidly, as in by grabbing or snatching
Kristin decided to scap up the last of the pizza while Tom wasn't looking.
by Tom June 24, 2004
19 8
Can be used as either a verb (to scap) or as a noun (a scap). The action of taking or asking for things without reciprocating or payment, or a person who does so.
Hank always asks for gum and never gives me any, he is such a scap.

No you may not scap beer off of me again Erica, buy your own.
by Carolyn K November 05, 2005
20 11
Nautical term for someone who doesn't pull his wait.
I'm gonna beat him when we get back to the hold, because he's the worst scap I know.
by CadetMKultra February 11, 2004
11 6
scap, scap-ing, scap-ped.

n. 1. Word of indignation or exclamation.

n. 2. Synonym to rubbish or whack.

v. 1. To dismiss or reject.
v. 2. A potential curse word.

adj. To magnify or intensify a sentiment

scap-less: Synonym of gutless
scap-tastic: Awesomeness beyond human, non-human and alien comprehension
scap-per: 1. An incredibly wondrous person. 2. A complete waste of life. (Note: Use this word with complete discretion according to the situation in context)
n. 1: "What the scap!"
n. 2: "That's scap, yo."

v. 1: "Scap it."
v. 2: "Scap off!"

adj. "That is so scaping (scapin') awesome"
by Ubiquitously awesome April 27, 2011
6 4
short for scappy; the perfect combination of skanky and nappy.
Man, your girl is a scap.
by john January 19, 2004
6 6
An annoying cheating person, who never admits when they are in the wrong.
Darren Creamer
by Chuckan February 22, 2004
9 11
"Scaps" is used to define something disgusting, lower class, stalker-like, creepy or gross.
When the general population would be perturbed by the act which is scaps.

Say you see a homeless man licking the floor or someone squeezing a giant pimple you'll say "scaps"
Jim and Tim are walking down the street and they see a homeless man chewing a rotten banana peel...
Tim: Wow, that is scaps
Jim: Yeah I agree he is scaps
Tim has a sore that has got inflected and is oozing with pus
Jim: Scaps
by joshthesouthafrican January 17, 2011
0 8