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An individual, group or country singled out for unmerited negative treatment or blame; then accepting the blame, and overly going along with the plan against them to the point of looking like a dick.
Xest: If you look at what happened with the DRM fiasco, we had Don insulting his customers...

UnknowingFool: Or maybe Mattrick was a scapegoat and was doing what he was told to do.

Xest: It's hard to imagine Mattrick was a scapegoat given that he implicated himself by defending so rabidly the DRM policies in interviews to the extent of insulting customers. I very much doubt his orders were "Don, go make a dick of yourself in public". I'm pretty sure he managed that all by himself.

NFN_NLN: I think we can all agree we've coined the new term: "scapedick" :)

Crowd: Mattrick was such a scapedick on the XBoxOne DRM issue.
by Anonymous Coward 1288712 July 02, 2013
A person who not only takes the blame, whether it is their fault or not, for the miserable failing of an object, but then also insults their customers at the same time.
Some may say that Don Mattrick did an awesome job revealing the Xbox One, but he was nothing more than a scapedick, taking the fall and losing many customers with his ill-mannered banter and insistence that he knows what gamers want.
by shaggs138 July 02, 2013

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