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The opposite of a closeted homosexual, a straight person pretending to be gay.
That guy may say he likes to rock the cock, but he's really pantried and wants my punani all over his face.
#closeted #gay #homosexual #metrosexual #denial
by Shaggs138 December 20, 2010
A person who not only takes the blame, whether it is their fault or not, for the miserable failing of an object, but then also insults their customers at the same time.
Some may say that Don Mattrick did an awesome job revealing the Xbox One, but he was nothing more than a scapedick, taking the fall and losing many customers with his ill-mannered banter and insistence that he knows what gamers want.
#scapegoat #dick #fail #xbox #slashdot
by shaggs138 July 02, 2013
To be able to fap with the left hand or the right hand.
When my left hand gets jealous, or my right hand becomes tired, I switch hit, showing that I have no problems being ambifaperous.
#fap #ambidexterous #switch hit #procrasturbating #fapping
by shaggs138 February 12, 2013
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