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Word is a mix between salvage and scavenge for when you are doing both.
We were trying to scalvage some tailights at the junkyard.
by suineg October 20, 2005
scavenge + salvage-- scalvage. To find items meant for both purposes! Kind of a "fregan" concept but even my capitalistic father engaged in this.

For many years my dad would scalvage all kinds of craft materials at industrial sites near our house: carpet samples, wooden moulding parts, pieces of formica, vinyl samples. He would also find old chairs that were cast away and fix them up.... so I began to do that too. You can make craft products and even furniture (or rescued furniture) from your findings!
Look at that chair at the curb; it's missing one leg but otherwise looks nice. Let's scalvage it for parts.
by Big Ellen March 19, 2011
Scavenging trash or cast-off items for the purpose of salvaging it and applying to a better purpose, a more legitimate use than merely "free stuff" - improving the item's quality through its new purpose or new, second "life." The new use is different and of better quality (substantively different) than the item's original use or purpose, i.e., a chair that becomes shelving or artwork, a pallet that becomes a gate or fence.
I managed to scalvage several old storm windows for my coldframe.

I scalvaged some storm doors to make a little gazebo for my yard.
by Margo72 April 28, 2008
Scalvage is a word made by combining 'salvage' and 'scavange.' It has no real purpose.
by Devy August 31, 2003
In golf, to hit an excellent shot to save a very bad score on a hole.
Colin Montgomerie sunk a twisting 25 foot putt to scalvage double bogey at the British Open championship.
by Leo Fosse July 19, 2010
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