Plural: scaldies

A scaldy is a traveler who has elected to give up the glamour of the caravan and live in a house/other non wheeled living accommodation.
Kim: Have you seen the gypo who moved in across the road?
Aggie: Aye, scaldy!
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by Scaldy John January 18, 2012
Top Definition
ls used to describe a selfish person who doesn't share. Also used to describe something of extremely poor quality.
This tea is scaldy, make another cup for me.

Ya scaldy bastard! You could give me more of that cake!
#terrible #horrible #crap #stingy #miserable
by Jimmy The Saint May 16, 2006
plural scaldies
a person who is similar to a chav
the irish equivalent of a chav
they knacker drink;smoke spliffs; drive muppet mobiles with blacked out windows,go faster strips and blue lighting;rob cars out of "boredom";have a few kids whilst still in secondary school
the male's day attire is the tracksuit bottoms tucked into sport sock with bright white runner look.accompanied by styled highlighted/lowlighted hair do' and thick chain around neck&wrist look.they walk with a hunched swagger with "10 to 2" feet (think of a clock).
the female's day attire is the poker straight hair in a pony tail which almost sticks straight up into the air,full hooker make up, pj bottoms (or maybe even full pj outfit!!),fur hooded jacket, caterpillar boots.
"I'm sick of the scaldy gangs in this area. ye can't go anywhere without there being a pack of scaldies sitting around smoking,drinking, making noise and causing trouble"
#chav #knacker #burberry #gang #no-good
by pesso December 05, 2006
To be in a bad mood with someone
Easy to provoke
To "scald" someone with your unkindness
Ye have me heart scalded-eded so ya do deh way you go on.
Did ya see the scaldy head on her last night?
He's always a scaldy bollocks when he's off the dole.
#thick #cross #pissed off #mean #sensitive
by ehhwha April 12, 2013
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