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1. in reference to how one twists the pickle while smoking meth
"How do i do this?"

"10 to 2 nigga, twist it!"
by SwitchBlade May 29, 2006
The last ten minutes before most of the clubs shut. This is when deperate lonely chumps get off their asses and hit the dance floor seeking easy prey for their sexual needs. During this short period it is not rare to see desperate males going beyond the "2 above - 2 below" points rule that is generally accepted.
Chump 1: "10 to 2 bois! Let's get some pussy on the go!"

Chump 2: "That bird is a 10 to 2 at best."
by Jandy May 05, 2008
A way to tell people to chill TFO when they're getting to annoying. Like when they're being extra to the point where your nonexistent gag reflex is acting up because of this person's personality.
Hoe #1: *screaming and jumping on tables*
Real G: Hoe 10 to 2.
by LianneLaHatahs July 17, 2016
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