Using someone elses open airport with out them knowing it.
I don't need internet access, I'm just scagging off someone else in my building.
by cliff Schwarz May 13, 2005
Top Definition
scagging, when sombody is coming down off an ecstacy high (used more-so afer a lot of ecstacy has been consumed) they are said to be 'scagging'. scagging is the feeling of 'the night is over, there's no more drugs' usually accompanied by a sore jaw (from chewing) and in some cases irritated cheeks (from teeth rubbing against them while chewing for a prolonged time) people 'scag' particularly badly the next day when they will seldom eat and will constantly have that horrible 'i did pills last night' taste in their mouth. Scagging is not a nice feeling.
Awh man last night was so crazy, but i'm scagging so bad now!'

'Eugh, look at him scagging in the corner, horrible'.
by rickbobby December 11, 2006

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