StarCraft - the best realtime strategy game ever made.
This game requires more skill than any game on the market at the moment!
SC Rocks!
by 55 June 15, 2003
Silent Chuckle. When something is funny, but not so funny to deserver an lol or a rofl... but the situation is amusing enough to make you chuckle silently to yourself.
The joke Tam told me caused me to sc.
by Kathy G. June 21, 2007
shmibb club. a boys club, usually in high school, where members try to sleep with the most girls and award points accordingly. (i.e. popularity, weight, virginity, if they've been shmibbed before, etc.)
The S.C. members are like a frat.

Been Shmibbed?
by cielo<3 May 08, 2008
Abbreviation of "Seedy cunt" or "Seedy cunts." Mainly people who sneak off behind peoples backs and do seedy sly things.
Girl 1: "Did you hear what they did?"
Girl 2: "Yes they are major SC's"
by hatethemtypeofpeople June 15, 2010
S.C. - An abbreviation for Steel Cage. Mainly used for defining a gun's barrel make/material/etc. - However now is used in gun slang.
Get that steel cage yo!
by i45 May 20, 2004
Code for "shitcanned". Used by managers and employees during general water cooler discussion as a means of avoiding sounding alarm about an approaching layoff. While the word "shitcanned" has been around for years, the code "SC" has only become commonplace during the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009.
Two managers are standing in the break room eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.

Manager 1: What is Mary doing over there? I never see her do any actual work.
Manager 2: Don't worry, I hear she is SC next week.
by Freddy Ferno October 06, 2009
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