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Extremely sad, but also extremely amazing.
A big meteor hits a dude square in the head and it kills him. Simultaneously sad and awesome: SAWESOME!
by Australian Batman June 18, 2008
Something that is beyond the regular awesome. Normally one would say, "that is so awesome" but combining "so" and "awesome" gives us s'awesome!
(pronounced saucesum)
That guy's mullet is s'awesome!
by tooti4318 June 13, 2009
derived from the combination of the terms SAFE and AWESOME, allowing one to appear neither public school, nor working class, due to the emergence of slangs from different social classes, thus baracading and defeating the defined social boundries,therefore creating unity between all and peace on earth.
one could describe anna's etire as sawesome due to the spandexteral qualities.
by mriw January 02, 2009
Another way of saying "that's awesome" or "it's awesome" in a shortened form. Can also be used as a pure adjective replacement of "so awesome."
Glad to hear it man, sawesome!

That concert I went to last night was sawesome!
by LamboP September 12, 2010
something saucy and very unique or impressive
Did you see the party hat Jami got for New Years Eve?? It's got glitter and sparkly stuff everywhere! It's SAWESOME!!
by QueenJami December 28, 2011
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