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A hottie from the state of Georgia.
(refers to the taste and texture of an actual GA peach, soft and smooth on the outside and sweet n juicy on the inside.)
When i was on Spring Break i met the cutest Georgia Peach.
by Christian Robinson March 21, 2004
1. A pretty young woman who hails from the state of Georgia.

2. An delicious alcoholic cocktial made with Southern Comfort and Peach Schnapps.
I love Georgia Peaches!
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
The south,used as a adjective to define an attractive girl
Wow, that girl is one georgia peach
by georgia September 04, 2004
A very attractive Georgia girl (nice body, pretty face, good attitude) who is appealing to all the guys. Has the charm and characteristics of a southern girl.
That cute girl from the A is a Georgia Peach.
by Juaria September 07, 2006
The name of the blonde porn star with a phat ass. She's one of the baddest white chicks in porn.
niggas, can you hook me up with that georgia peach onion booty video?
by Petedasmete February 08, 2008
An endearing term to describe the unique beauty and sweetness of a Southern girl from the state of Georgia.
(While I was passing through the town of Rentz, Ga. I met the most wonderful Georgia peach!)
by 1FooNatic June 01, 2016
Slang for a female from the Southeastern U.S., especially from the state of Georgia.

This expression began as a reference to either the external female genitalia (labia majora) or buttocks. Using "Georgia Peach" is literally calling a woman "pussy".

The mainstream meaning of "cute girl" is often blended with the underlying meaning of "pussy" to create a double entendre.
"I sure would like a bite of that Georgia Peach."

"That is one juicy Georgia Peach."

The Allman Brothers album "Eat A Peach" album title played with this double entendre.
by Connie Lingquist November 03, 2010
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