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To get humiliated by another person in a video game or real life situation.
Damn man! That guy just saw'd your ass!

Dude, that math test saw'd my nuts in half.

Person 1: Sally kicked me square in the sack!
Person 2: Saw'd...

Minor: May I buy some cigarettes?
Jerkass bitch: May I see some I.D?
Guy standing by: Saw'd...
by HotChoco-la-tay December 23, 2009
adj., n.: A derivative from the slang salt or salty, meaning a state of unhappiness, jealousy, or embarrassment. The derivation has origins in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio.
Meg: My boyfriend just broke up with me for my best friend...
Greg: Are you sawds?
Meg: Hell yes!

Wes: I just got suspended and won't get my diploma!
Kirsten: Sawds, man!
by JTrizzle June 17, 2008
looked at, seen, or saw, its an action verb....
i sawd that chick with the glasses on myspace.... what a dork-ette!
by jackin May 30, 2006
feeling jealous of another, envying someone else or to feel bad for someone.
Example 1=
Randolf: I dated this hot chick with long brown hair and sparkly blue eyes last night.
Maximus: SAWDS!

Example 2=
Berona: I didn't get the role of Annie at the play.
Sarahita: sawds...
by Bethalina March 04, 2008
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