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One of the most sexiest names ever to be even heard of. She makes men fall to the floor with one look.
by Faline18 August 25, 2008
1. A person that is a Legend of Zelda addict

2. Someone that is infinitely selfless and is loved by everyone

3. A person that is very kind and very fun to be around
1. "Do you see that chick with all that zelda stuff?"

"Yeah, she is such a Juliann."

2. "That girl Juliann is so amazing, I want to be just like her!"

3. "Dude, I met Juliann today. Best person you will ever meet."
by iamdavid1234 July 23, 2011
Cranky bitch with a filter broken between brain and mouth
Man that woman is a juliann
by mannerable July 20, 2011

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