something so incredibly bad ass that you can't just say bad ass
Dude that was fucking savage
by casey July 15, 2004
Wild and untamed, a ferocious animal like human being
Sarah just sharpened her pencil with scissors, she's such a savage
by Moistbag May 02, 2015
Being so ruthless as to make people eat out of your hand
Wow do you see her she's a savage she makes fuckbois eat out of her hand
by Shlongmasta April 07, 2015
Some one who that is willing to do crazy shit and not care about the consequences. His or her actions often leave people wondering if there crazy .
Briana is so fucking savage , it scares me man .
by The wise one bitxhh January 14, 2015
Acting like a primitive, thirsty, male or female. Doing things like eating out a females butt or asking a lot of girls and getting curved
Did you hear what Andre did? He put his face in a girls ass in the middle of class... How savage...
by VicTheDick April 13, 2014
When a person is doing very good in some thing.
Holy shit u c Joe playing ball down there? Damn son he's savagin!


Yo lets go play some halo so i can savage that shit.
by mike241 August 04, 2006
To do something very fast and with excellence. Ex.- beat someone in a video game, eat, or beat someone in a fight.
"I savaged that pizza."
"I will savage you in Madden."
"She got savaged in the fight."
by Uzo June 11, 2005
One who cannot behave in a manner consistent with civilized society; One who emits primordial noises reminiscent of orangutans in African Rainforests; One who lacks basic concepts of hygiene and of cleanliness in public areas; One whose mental and physical characteristics suggest de-evolution and/or an experiment in genetic engineering gone seriously wrong.
1. "Chris and Thomas"

2. "God damn it, my roommates are savages."

3. "Those savages look out of place here, we really need to help them by releasing them into the jungle somewhere."

4. "I'm sick of savages masquerading as humans."
by K.F. Gauss May 14, 2005
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