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dreived form the french cooks of king henry VIII who had the sevents bow to the food to be sauteed was to have your cooking ability queshtioned a pore cook could be beheaded.
oh man you just got sauteed!!!!
by skrue you dude January 18, 2004
3 14
Being so high that you're above the influence.
Being higher than God.
Being MORE than baked.
Man 1- "Dude, I'm so fucking high right now."

Man 2- "You're not high. You're not baked. You're not keyed. You're not fucked up. You're fucking sauteed."
by Capeeetan Crunch March 04, 2009
34 2
to be sauced (drunk) and fried (high) at the same time... hence saute
man.. i got nicely sauteed last night... not too drunk, not too high...just right....
by mr happy February 25, 2004
3 15