dreived form the french cooks of king henry VIII who had the sevents bow to the food to be sauteed was to have your cooking ability queshtioned a pore cook could be beheaded.
oh man you just got sauteed!!!!
by skrue you dude January 18, 2004
Top Definition
Being so high that you're above the influence.
Being higher than God.
Being MORE than baked.
Man 1- "Dude, I'm so fucking high right now."

Man 2- "You're not high. You're not baked. You're not keyed. You're not fucked up. You're fucking sauteed."
by Capeeetan Crunch March 04, 2009
To be insulted with such gracefulness and/or expertise that one begins to sweat immensely while others nearby cannot help but applaud.
Man 1 : You, sir, are a feeble-minded Neanderthal.
Man 2 : *absolutely perplexed, unsure what to do*
Man 3 : Quite sautéed.
by Famboy June 26, 2015
to be sauced (drunk) and fried (high) at the same time... hence saute
man.. i got nicely sauteed last night... not too drunk, not too high...just right....
by mr happy February 25, 2004
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