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A sort-of way of fighting as seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender thus the name. It involves the manipulation of air currents much in a way like a waterbender, earthbender, or firebender manipulates what element they have.
Dude! Aang is the last airbender!
by lawlsdude89 November 10, 2007
47 14
An extremely loud, powerful fart. An airbender is capable of traveling around corners and breaking windows.
Chuck let loose an airbender in the elevator, I think my eardrum is punctured.
by xwingace July 04, 2010
39 12
A fart
Dude, I just dropped a sweet airbender!
by AliAmbury69 August 13, 2010
15 4
A giant mistake. Hopefully, the last one you make.
You didn't ask her out? That was an airbender. Who are you, M. Night?
by airbent July 02, 2010
19 14
a long extinct racial slur that recently surfaced thanks to a terrible M. Night Shaymalan.
Rick, I think we need to move. Two airbenders just moved into the neighborhood and the property values are going to drop.
by Sheriff Crazyheart August 05, 2010
15 14