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Affliction where one can walk into a situation completely unaware of the current state of play, and comment instantly, and often with great accuracy on present dealings.
In this situation (where Stoichkov Syndrome was first diagnosed), 3 people are discussing the European Football Championships, #2 and #3 have successfully named 15 of the 16 participating nations without naming any wrong teams, and #1 conducting the quiz presses them for the answer to the 16th (Bulgaria), offering a clue...

#1: "One of the greatest footballers of the past 20 years hailed from this nation."

#4: (joining the conversation from an entirely neutral standpoint, having only heard the clue offered)


#2 and #3: "Bulgaria!"

#1: "Yes! Incredible!"
by kramssor April 25, 2009
To be so drunk that the next morning you will most certainly wake up feeling;

a) with no idea of your whereabouts

b) as if you've just been in a Napalm attack.
"Look at Burty go, he's getting Platooned tonight"
"Yeah, he'll definitely be waking up in Vietnam tomorrow".
by kramssor April 21, 2009
Not as excessive as being platooned or burted, but to have one's insides slightly rearranged as a result of alcohol consumption, bodily abuse, violent behaviour or a combination of sorts.
"Burty woke up one morning, still in lanark, but quite definitely a little sausaged from last nights exploits."

"Chris ordered up a double, a little sausaged after the beating he had taken at rugby earlier in the day."
by kramssor April 25, 2009
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